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The ONE Movement dance method is a movement philosophy developed and embody by Illan Rivière. In this transformative online movement program we will unlock and awake the fundamentals of this method throughout a physical practice and a theoretical philosophy. This movement approach is designed for all creative movers who wants to connect and move with awareness, throughout a sensorial and mindful frequency. This method awakes the Body by Felling the origine and Following the nature of movement; it opens the Mind by Manipulating the energy and Transforming it, playing with space and time consciousness; it connect us to our Soul by Creating from our uniqueness and Becoming the movement itself. I . Sensitivity awareness / Organic movement / THE BODY The first phase of this method starts from feeling and following movement, to open our senses, cultivate awareness, connect with the organic movement inside of us and surrounding us, feeling the here and now while dancing. During the fist 3 months of this online program, we will dive deep into the intuitive knowledge of the body, tuning into the movement energy, and the sensations it generate, we will learn to observe and let it grow within to enhance our understanding of organic and sensorial movement flow. We will focus on leaving time and space for the most pure and natural movement to simply be inside, around and outside of us, life blood, life flow. From the sensations, feeling the motion from the most authentic place, we will unlock the path of expansion with trust, following the natural paths and trajectories of movement, in a continuous, careful, conscious way. We will unfold movement and contemplate the journey. We will allow movement to guide us and surrender to his energetic power. Through movement exploration, visualisations, meditations, and experiences, as well as sharings and exchanging about the philosophical approach of the ONE movement method, we will reunite the keys of understanding and unlock new doors of possibilities and perceptions. II . Space consciousness / Manipulation of the energy / THE MIND With the second phase of this method we will highlight the movement itself, adding a consciousness to the space where we evolve, manipulating the energy we felt to transform it, play with it to discover new dynamics, and open up new perceptions to make our dance cleaner. During the second trimester, after unfolding a natural flow of motion, we will open the playground of time and space consciousness, from a playful mind. We will develop a clarity into movement perspective, and manipulate the energy to shape and reshape motion, to discover the multiple qualities that contains a simple movement. From a minimal perspective to a complexity of motion, we will dive into movement adventure, discovering new landscapes, and expanding the membrane of our comfort zone. We will be in a full exploration state of mind, bringing textures, qualities, colors or dynamics to movement. So the body can unlock new pathways and dimensions for your dance, alway staring from an organic and natural energy flow, shaping it with playfulness and curiosity, mapping the space. A grown up mind and a child’s heart. III . Creation and interpretation / Inner creator / THE SOUL In the third phase of this method we will connect with our creativity and capacity to communicate with movement, to be able to transmit a vision, a message or an idea in a dance composition. We will dance with our inner creator, digging deep to access our soul. Unfolding our authentic self through movement. During the 3 last months of this program, we will connect to the soul of your movement and dive into your creative power. You’ll unfold your uniqueness and move to serve an idea, an inspiration, finding your expressiveness through the motion. You will connect to your vision and embody it. Giving a direction or setting intentions to the movement digging in your inner creative energy. We will tune into the abundance of movement energy, creating imagery to contain your idea and share your movement research. It’s Beyond just creating content for dance, it’s being able to fully embody the person you are, the vision, your true self, your greatest version, and become the movement itself, continuous changing, expanding, in a non linear motion. Enjoying movement fully from a sensitive body, an open mind, and a bright soul. A taste of freedom moving into the here and now.

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- With | Illan Rivière


- When | on Thursdays 


Feel & Follow


OCT / 06, 20

NOV / 03, 17

DEC / 01, 15


Manipulate & Transform


JAN / 12, 26

FEB / 09, 23

MAR / 09, 16


Create & Become


APR / 06, 20

MAY / 04, 18

JUN / 01, 15


- Where | From your home / Zoom session


- Time | 18h (CET), Spain Time.


- Duration |  2h X 18 sessions


- Language | English and body language.



- Suitable for small space 

- Welcoming all levels / no dance background required

- Recordings will be sent to all the registered participants,

and available to catch and watch during a year on a private video channel !

Illan Rivière

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