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NEO/ONE Online TRAINING program

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Dive into your movement power, become shapeless, unleash your creativity, open up to the abundant source of inspiration, develop your movement poetry, enhance your energy and tune into the now while dancing, expend your artistry to the next level . I wanted to provide a space for everyone willing to discover and play with movement expression. A laboratory where we will surrender to our authentic way of moving. Researching new qualities, textures, imagery, for a infinite journey of movement. « We will connect to a sensorial, organic and fluid approach to movement, focusing on the continuous energy flow and our desire to express, evolve and expend. We will open our senses to move the energy and awake new perceptions and qualities. Exploring the endless possibilities, playing with dynamics, textures and flow. Discovering the power of movement in between resistance, density and shapeless intuitive motions. Learning and creating patterns, trajectories and sequences to connect with different concepts, aspects and imagery. We will learn to master our energy in motion and develop our artistry »


9 months ONLINE program
what Nowbody can bring to your dance and your life ?

Tuning into the Nowbody where infinite creativeness exists perpetually.

Collecting imagery to inspire life, movement and dance.

Connecting to the source of abundant inspirations, Now Here.

Boosting your creativity, enhancing your inspirations field.

Embody concepts and movement perceptions to unfold your creative potential.

Get a lot of inspirations and insights to feel freer in your dance improvisations.

Explore movement possibility with an energetic, organic, sensorial approach.

Dig an access to your soul and awake your inner creator.

Moving with awareness, presence, sensitively.

moving to connect to your authentic expressiveness 

Moving for the soul connecting to the perpetual dance of energy





« The quality of belonging to the present movement »

  • With | Illan Rivière


  • Where | wherever you are / Zoom sessions


  • Time | 18h (CET), Spain Time.


  • Duration | 1h30 each session


  • Language | Simple english and body language.

  • Suitable for small space 


  • Welcoming all movers / professional dancers & movement lovers / no dance background required


  • Recordings will be available for everyone participating to the training program !



( note that the dates can change a little depending on life flow )

 - OCT 4 / 11 / 18 / 25

 - NOV 15 / 22 / 29

 - DEC 6 / 13

 - JAN 10 / 17 / 24 / 31

 - FEB 7 / 14 / 21 / 28

 - MAR 6 / 13


 - APR 3 / 10 / 17 / 24

 - MAY 1 / 8 / 15 / 22 / 29

 - JUN 5 


Session composition


  • Introduction to movement  / energy awakening 

  • working on the fluidity

  • unlocking the power of your flow 

  • opening imagination , collecting new informations 

  • opening perceptions, sensations and possibilities 

  • playing with movement qualities and concepts

  • Explorations / intuitive research /  improvisations

  • Closing in awareness



Movement Tools


  • Neo fusion style

  • Fusion Bellydance movements 

  • Contemporary dance concepts

  • One movement philosophy 

  • Fluid motion practice

  • Improvisations / guided explorations

  • Creative Movement research / experimentations 

  • Energy in motion

  • Sensorial movement poetry 

  • Fluid sequences

  • Movement patterns / movement cards 






You can choose between 2 investment options

- a monthly payment during 9 months

- a one time payment

By booking the NOWBODY online program, you will also get a 1 year access to the PLAY & REPLAY platform where you will be able to enjoy all the videos recordings from my online sessions. So you can emplify your experience beyond an get so much more insight about movement and dance perceptions and possibilities.


    Every month
    Monthly payment / 9 months Online Training Program
    Valid for 9 months
    • Access to NOWBODY online program + recordings
    • Access the PLAY & REPLAY platform for 1 year

    One time payment /9 months Online Training Program
    Valid for one year

Illan Rivière

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