warrior necklace-54.jpg

a relationship between the old and the NEW


This jewellery collection is about creating a relationship between the new and the old. Sharing a new vision with an antique look. Inspired by the costuming work in Fusion bellydance, mixing elements from all around the globe; In these unique necklaces you'll find beautiful old details coming from west Africa, from india, from North Africa, from Europe or from Asia, mixed with simple wooden beads, oxidised screw, metallic rings, as well as organic elements like tigger eye stones and snakes bones...

The idea behind this project is to translate the vision I have of Fusion bellydance style and aesthetic, reuniting rare and antique element full of stories  with modern elements lost and found on today's streets. This fusion feels timeless, this is why I composed these creations with element that may evolve with time, the metal will get older and rusty, the wooden beads will change color... the entire piece will change through time effect and become even more beautiful, strong and authentic. 

It's about temporality, about multiplicity, about an hybrid dance form, and about empowerment.