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Dance / movement guidance


Here is an new proposal from me to you, personally.


After many requests for private classes, I have finally decided to move forward with answering your wishes.


I would be very happy to walk side by side and personally guide you on your personal dance path..


The sessions are “on demand,” so we can find the perfect moment and time to meet. You can bring specific topics you want to work on, or I can help you to define them and we can explore together.


The ONE ON ONE sessions are open for all levels, movement lovers, beginners, devoted dancers, involved creators, body sensations seekers, performers, teachers, students... like you are.


Movement clearing

This guided movement clearing is design to help you feel the actual energy that is circulating inside you, identify it, and moving consciously to transform it and help unclouding your body mind and soul.

1H session, with awareness and energy checking, movement flow, emotional and sensorial highlighting, healing and meditative movement. 

1H private sessions = 60€

Movement guidance

If you have a project you want to develop or particular topics you want to explore,

I would be more than happy to guide you and give you some tips to help you polish your dance and your vision.

If you don't have a defined topic or project to work on, we can define it together following the flow that will lead us throughout your own path.  

You will be the one opening the gates to your dance path, and I will be here to give you the directions to follow so you can develop your dance with other perceptions, new tools and give it a new dimension.

I'll give you exercises, explorations, movement experiences, and some advices for you to go deeper into your dance, to nourish your movement vocabulary, technique skills and tools, and to enhance your journey with a clearer vision.


to personalised this movement guidance we will start with 1h opening session, to get to know the energies in interactions and define the directions, so we can follow the path and work together with 5 more sessions of 1H where ill be giving you feedbacks and exercises or explorations designed for you to enhance your vision, open perceptions and to create new dynamics. 

5 private sessions of 1H = 300€ (5X60€)


I can offer the sessions in French, English or Spanish.


The sessions will take place online since the actual situation open this gate.

If you decide to take the Movement Guidance format, let's define the dates and time schedule together by email.

If you want to explore a specific topic, please contact me first so we can find out if I can help you in this direction.

Thanks !


Contact me at

to schedule your ONE ON ONE sessions

Illan Rivière

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