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HERE and NOW in continuous motion.

Movement is shapeless and undefinable. Energy never get destroyed or disappear, it flows in expansion, so what if we connect to this infinite potential and discover ours. In the Here and Now everything is continuously happening, Movement is always new, made of something never seen before.



NEO / intensive

3 days /  15h

In this always unique intensive, I’ll be Uniting and Transmitting the keys elements to envision, discover and become more familiar with NEO FUSION dance; using the concepts and approach from the ONE MOVEMENT Methodology, philosophy.

Awaken your senses and open new perceptions with movement. Move in a sensorial and organic way, finding your authentic expression. Develop new movement pathways and enjoy it throughout different dynamics, textures and qualities. Flowing in between explorations, improvisations, movement patterns, fluid sequences, to become both consistent enough to bring clarity In your movement and relaxed enough to let go and feel free in your dance.

FEEL & FOLLOW, sensing the nature of movement, MANIPULATE & TRANSFORM, playing with the full potentials of movement flow, CREATE & BECOME the movement itself, moving with your body, mind and soul. 


The NEO intensive is composed of key elements coming from the ONE Movement Method and the NEO movement cards used as the main movement material

I . II . III

    The One Movement retreat is designed for everyBody. It is a mind set and a movement approach that everyone can use in a multitude of disciplines. It is a transformational journey. If you’re a professional dancer and wants to break free from the technic or wants to reconnect with your own way of moving, the One Movement Awakening allow you to connect to your soul, and to move with what moves you deep inside. It will also expend you vision and inspire you to move differently, in your own unique way, respecting and honoring everything that your being contains. It will show you a new manner to approach dance and you will build a new relationship with your movement potential. If you’re a movement lover, the One Movement Awakening is a beautiful space to explore your movement perceptions. It will help you to bring consciousness and clarity to your own dance. It will nourish the freedom in your movement expression and give you a lots of tool and concept to play with. This methodology is for you a way to tap into movement possibilities and develop a very fluid and organic movement quality. In the retreat we are watching the technic with a gentle eye, letting the body unfold his own potential and punching softly the boundaries for you to expend your range of movement with love. If you’re a therapist or movement magician, this philosophy is an opportunity for you to unfold and develop your magic beyond. It is a space for you to live unique experiences of movement magic and nurture the power of movement. The One Movement retreat is a place were we awake emotions, we carry them with love and we heal through movement. During the experience, a therapist will be available to guide your through the journey, we will provide times of reflections and integration, so you can let simmer all the insights down in your body. You will bring a deeper understanding of movement power to your own practice. If you’re a dance teacher, the One Movement methodology provide a multitude of exercices and tool to add to your dance toolbox. You will experience a new manner to transmit movement and you will get a lot of insight to bring to your classes. You will open new perspective and approach of movement so you can expend and refresh your own way to transmit to your students. We believe movement stay alive and evolve by sharing it, and acknowledging the origins, so it keeps moving forever. You’ll develop a loving and healthy way of transmitting movement dance as well as bringing new inspirations for your choreographies and dance compositions. If you’re a dance student, the One Movement Awakening is a safe space for you to unfold your movement potential, in a very unique, playfully and sensorial way. Challenges will become games and work will be about playing. It is a perfect space for you to unlock an open mind set towards movement and dance so everything you’ll learn will become easer to integrate, to embody and to practice. You will experience the dance with a fluid and gentle mind, observing your development as a dancer with love and compassion. And by having this approach, with no expectations, everything will flow fast forward in ease.


Read carefully, take notes, and join in!

The next intensive will take place in BARCELONA, in a beautiful studio. ALNOUART STUDIO

C/Berga, 36

08012 Barcelona

MARCH 22-23-24

15H - 20H 


_ Please note that the price of the intensive only includes the  workshop hours (15 hours). 

_ We recommend to arrive every day, 15-30min before the workshop starts, so we can start all together on time and so you don’t miss anything.

_ In case of cancelation from our part, 100% of the workshop will be refund. In case of cancelation from your part, the organisation will keep the first deposit (reservation).

- For any further question, doubts or requests, feel free to contact us by email (find the email bellow)


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Looking forward to meet your there!

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