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HERE and NOW in continuous motion.

It's curious how we need to label things to meet eachother and finally understand that movement is shapeless and undefinable. Energy never get distroyed or disapear, it flows in expention, so what if we connect to this potencial and discover ours. In the Here and Now everything is continuously happening, Movement is always new, made of something never seen before.



NEO / intensive

3 days /  15h

In this always unique intensive, I’ll be Uniting and Transmitting the keys elements to envision, discover and become more familiar with NEO FUSION dance; using the concepts and approach from the ONE MOVEMENT Methodology, philosophy.

Awaken your senses and open new perceptions with movement. Move in a sensorial and organic way, finding your authentic expression. Develop new movement pathways and enjoy it throughout different dynamics, textures and qualities. Flowing in between explorations, improvisations, movement patterns, fluid sequences, to become both consistent enough to bring clarity In your movement and relaxed enough to let go and feel free in your dance.

FEEL & FOLLOW, sensing the nature of movement, MANIPULATE & TRANSFORM, playing with the full potentials of movement flow, CREATE & BECOME the movement itself, moving with your body, mind and soul. 


The NEO intensive is composed of key elements coming from the ONE Movement Method and the NEO movement cards used as the main movement material

I . II . III


Read carefully, take notes, and join in!

The intensive will take place in REUS, Spain, in a beautiful studio.

(41 Raval de san pere, 43201 REUS)

_ Please note that the price of the intensive only includes the  workshop hours (15 hours). 

_ The closest airport from the place of the workshop is BARCELONA PRAT; from there you will have to take a train from BARCELONA SANTS to REUS.


Be careful with the time of your plane arrival since there are no trains to Reus after 9h30 PM


_ We advise you to find an accommodation in REUS (the studio where the intensive will be happening is located in the center town of REUS)

_ The closest train station is REUS ( or TARRAGONA but from there you will have to take a bus )


_ In case of cancelation from our part, 100% of the workshop will be refund. In case of cancelation from your part within two weeks prior to the intensive, the organisation will keep 20% of the total amount of the workshop.




NEXT intensives


  • Summer Dance Intensive 3days / 15h


    333 euros

Looking forward to meet your there!

for any additional questions contact us at

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