Movement / Dance Transmissions


Uniting and Transmitting NEO fusion dance & One Movement method 


Neo Fusion style It's a new genre of dance for movers who exercise multiples dance form and doesn't feel to belong to any specific labels. Fusing elements and influences with appreciation and knowledge, they allow themselves to respectfully cross boundaries to find their own movement languages, their own ways to express throughout movement, vibrating and creating freely into an hybrid style they feel identified with.  


One movement method is a movement philosophy, developed and embodied by Illan Rivière. This movement approach is designed for all creative movers who wants to connect and move with awareness, throughout a sensorial and mindful frequency. Constructed in 3 phases, this method awakes the Body by Felling the origine and Following the nature of movement; it opens the Mind by Manipulating the energy and Transforming it, playing with space and time consciousness; it connect us to our Soul by Creating from our uniqueness and Becoming the movement itself.