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VIRTUAL transmissions

Welcome to this virtual space !

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The best advice I can give you to dive into these recorded classes is to go with the Flow. Each classes contain different topics and elements to play with movement. These classes are for all movers, open level. Flowing between exercises, explorations, technique, experiences, phrase work, movement perceptions, concepts, ... and multiple approaches to nourish your dance path in many dimensions, physical, mental, sensorial, emotional, spiritual.


Thanks for being here.



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    All the Virtual Transmissions (Recordings)

Introduction to NEO Fusion / New Discovery

Exploring Deeper NEO Lands

Textuted & sensorial Fusion Bellydance

A Time and Space to Explore

Endless Possibilities / Endless Motions

Flowing like Rivers

Start to Flow with movement

Play With NEO Fusion Movement and Dynamics

Start to Flow with movement

The LIVE FLOW are the first online classes I started with. I wanted to create a safe space welcoming everyone to get closer to movement flow and to inspire a different approach to movement discipline. So we Flow Live, with the energy of the moment, exploring many directions and perspectives to enhance the possibilities and open new perceptions.