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​taking fusion bellydance to another dimension 



What are the main colors, textures, qualities, sensations, elements we can take from this serpentine dance form to another dimension. I want us to approach movement from a different angle, tapping into the sensations, the organicity of motion. Finding the state of pleasure, in sinuous, silky, soft movement, sensing the energy slicing the flesh, travelling thought the body. Feeling the dance from the divine, from an enlighted state of presence. flowing in the absolute movemnt enjoyment. We will awake the power of movement and understand the trajectories it takes trought the body. We will embody our inner mistical creature, as if every dance was a ritual, a self celebracion of empowerment.

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This online program is made for all the Bellydancers, fusion belly dancers and for everyone loving this dance style, the ambience, the vibe...


For all dancers and movement lovers. ​ In this program I'll share with you all the elements that make this dance so hypnotic and powerful. We will dive into movement textures, awake new sensations and enjoy the sinuous and continuous quality of motions.


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Every month

Monthly online workshops

Valid for 10 months

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Dive into Fusion Bellydance textural movement, to develop a sinuous and fluid quality, to sharpen your ondulations, waves and isolations through organic movement technic, with a sensorial and energetic approach.

- 10 sessions in total

- Every months from September to June

- Sundays / 5pm-7pm Spain time 

- You're encourage to participate live 

- You can also catch the sessions with the recordings.

- no dance background required, for dancers and movement lovers.

+ This online program give you an access to  extra video recordings (bellow on this same page). you will be able to enjoy the session about Hybrid Fusion and Organic Ondulations.

After subscribing you'll be added to the list of participants, so i can send you all the info and links you need to join the sessions on zoom and to enjoy the recordings. 


Textured & sensorial Fusion Bellydance

Dive into a textural and energetic movement approach to Fusion Bellydance.

Bring the technic from this dance style to another dimention.

sensing the motion from different perspective, enjoying the subtilities and qualities it contains, playing with the sensations it unlock. Tune into sinuous, seamless, serpentine motions. connect devellop and embody your misterious and mistical creature achetype living inside of you.



Illan Rivière

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