Passionate About Inspiring Others

Born in 1993 in France, it was from a very young age that Illan was fascinated by the colors, materials and lights surrounding him making him a professional dreamer, inspired by every day’s details. 

He discovered the hypnotic and serpentine dance of Fusion bellydance at the age of 11. With the inevitable influence of Rachel Brice, he dove into this new world by taking classes. He started giving dance lessons at the age of 16, and started creating pieces with a troupe of friends, Les Sintis. 

At Louis Liard Falaise high school, with options for Visual Arts and Dance, he grew, enriched his vision, explored and started understanding that the learning and discovery processes are endless in arts. 

For three years, accompanied by his teachers, he met many dancer artists. With them he explored both in practice and in theory major works of the history of dance from the vast world of contemporary dance. 

From then on, the fusion of styles in Illan’s dance evolved dramatically, revealing a contemporary style with ethnic flavors. 

Illan began to travel around the world at age 18, sharing his personal exploration, his influences, his world and his visions in the warm and welcoming Fusion bellydance community. 

The dreamer grew and continued to travel. He came closer, in each one of his performances and workshops, to the idea of expressing our emotions and therapeutic movement. 

From 2011 to 2016 he was the choreographer, artistic director and dancer in the company Imajaghan. His team was an inexhaustible source of exchange, discovery, excitement, research, exploration of body states and movements. 

He has now come to advocate dance without a label, which defines the life of a dancer. 

His projects are always more concrete thanks to the process evolving through sharing and through the love of his projects, inspired by the past, creating from the present and imagining the future. 


About Neo Fusion: 


A contemporary perception of Fusion bellydance movements. 


Illan learned Fusion bellydance and Contemporary Dance at the same time. 

He always had an organic and sensorial perception of Fusion bellydance movements, transforming its technique with concepts from Contemporary Dance. 

So by mixing both ways of moving, and feeling that Fusion in bellydance is constantly evolving, he decided to name his own technique Neo Fusion, as a new way of seeing, thinking, feeling and moving. 

After bringing together all his experiences in his dance path, and to better transmit this way of moving and perception, he has created a method called: 



- Feel & Follow

- Manipulate & Transform

- Create & Become