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Living Art

Born in 1993 in France, it was from a very young age that Illan was fascinated by the colors, materials and lights surrounding him making him a professional dreamer, inspired by every day’s details. 

Illan Rivière is a multitalented spiritual movement artist, born in France based in Tarragona, whose work spans across performances, choreography, movement direction, research and teaching. As a creator, Illan’s art expression is channeled through multiple mediums,as movement, painting, music, fashion and jewelry design, short films and stage performances, to materialize powerful, mystical and poetic imageries. All in one to create worlds that embody the ideas around oneness, transformation, spirituality, impermanence, energy flow and meditative state. 


Along his career as a Fusion Bellydancer Illan has created a bridge between an hybrid dance style, the contemporary perspective of movement and an energetic, organic and holistic approach of the human body in motion. Today illan doesn’t feel to belong to any specific dance style and express himself embodying the movement of life itself. 


Inspired by nature and the energy in motion, Illan is passionate about creating high quality work that unlock human perceptions and provide an immersive and hypnotic space to transfer and resonate with.


Along is continuously evolving path as a mover, Illan developed a very unique, fluid, expressive movement language. He creates soft and powerful imagery though a textural current of organic movement flow. 


As a teacher willing to transmit movement freedom, illan as created is own movement philosophy and methodology and style called NEO|ONE movement, a transformational movement awakening where NEO FUSION style and ONE MOVEMENT philosophy collide to find the uniqueness in each individuals and the oneness in a cohesive group, through creative and energetic movement flow.


About Neo Fusion: 


A contemporary perception of Fusion bellydance movements. 


Illan learned Fusion bellydance and Contemporary Dance at the same time. 

He always had an organic and sensorial perception of Fusion bellydance movements, transforming its technique with concepts from Contemporary Dance. 

So by mixing both ways of moving, and feeling that Fusion in bellydance is constantly evolving, he decided to name his own technique Neo Fusion, as a new way of seeing, thinking, feeling and moving. 

After bringing together all his experiences in his dance path, and to better transmit this way of moving and perception, he has created a method called: 



- Feel & Follow

- Manipulate & Transform

- Create & Become

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