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Welcome to the VIRTUAL dance transmissions space.

As an answer to these unprecedented times we are experiencing together, I’ll do some Live dance classes and movements videos shared through this virtual space.

Your support is very appreciated during those times.

Thank you again for your virtual presence.


With love and openness,



Online videos / Movement patterns

This is a channel were you can find some videos of movement patterns especially created to experience a continuous motion and increase your energy thought dance. You'll be able to adapt, manipulate and transform the movements to explore freely with it in many dimensions, applying various concepts of perceptions. You can also play building floating sequences, finding logical trajectories and soft transitions in between patterns.


Movement Laboratory / Online classes

This is a safe space of explorations, experiences and movement laboratory. You can find replays of previous live classes and go with you're own flow, your own pace, experiencing new concepts and movement perceptions to nourish your dance path. And you can catch my Live classes so we can discover new lands together, as well as envision and play with new movement formula and approach movement dimension with new angles.


Neo Fusion Style / Online classes

This is the space were I'm transmitting everything I know and everything I want to experience about Neo Fusion style, a new genre of dance finding influences and inspirations from the unlimited world of movement and connecting all elements determining a commune vibration to linked them all in one continuous movement. Here you'll be able to fing some replays of previous virtual classes, new classes to jump in to nourish your dance vocabulary with new dynamics, as well as online dance intensives to dive deeper into the style and what composed it. 


Neo Fusion Style / Online Intensive

Design to reunite and fuse influences inspired from all dance form, to transmit new perceptions of movement, acknowledging and experiencing a new approach for your own dance path , the NEO intensive is an open and save space to explore and nourish  your movement journey, and highlight the full potential of your body.

Thought movement patterns, sequences, exercises, explorations, concepts, improvisations, technique... we will go deeper together with NEO Fusion style.

Illan Rivière

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