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Welcome to the VIRTUAL dance transmissions space.

As an answer to these unprecedented times we are experiencing together, I’ll do some Live dance classes and movements videos shared through this virtual space.

In the video channel, after subscribing, you'll have access to movement patterns ready to be transform with your own style, energy, perceptions... So enjoy each video catching the movements and concepts I’m sharing, to explore freely and nourish your dance with new perspectives. Make it yours! I really want you to be experiencing the movements by yourself through dance improvisations at home!


In this same page you can also have the access to my LIVE FLOW dance sessions on zoom. This is a great opportunity for you to discover my work and for me to keep sharing my unstoppable passion for movement.

I'll record each classes and send the link to all the participants who booked it, so this means you can book the class you want and even if you missed it you'll receive the link (available for a week) to the recording, right after the class. 

And if you didn't booked the class and you really want to have access after a second thought, the Live Flow will be available to rent on this same page as soon as there uploaded. 

Your support is very appreciated during those times.

Thank you again for your virtual presence.


With love and openness,



FLOW n°1 : 08/08

FLOW n°2 : 22/08

FLOW n°3 : 29/08

FLOW n°4 : 12/09

FLOW n°5 : 19/09

FLOW n°6 : 26/09

FLOW n°7 : 03/10

FLOW n°8 : 10/10

FLOW n°9 : 17/10

FLOW n°10 : 24/10





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