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Transformative online journey

  • Started Apr 13
  • 555 euros
  • Online sessions

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E.MOTIONS Energy in Motion, Movement of Emotions Guided by Illan Rivière & Damien Clatot E.MOTIONS is a guided online program designed over 8 transformative sessions. It’s an invitation to delve deep into your body, mind, and soul, gaining a profound understanding of your emotions in motion, and incorporating conscious movement practices into your life. Through the awakening of movement energetics and transpersonal guidance, we will create spaces for you to explore and discover your true potential and inner power. ——————————————————————————— Your Guided Path This journey encompasses a total of 8 group sessions and 3 one-on-one sessions scheduled over 3 months (16h in total) : • 3 Soulful Movement Circles (1h30 each) awakening the power of self-healing through movement with Illan. • 3 Holistic Healing Circles (1h30 each) diving into the nuances of your emotions with Damien. • 2 Sessions of “Harmonious Integration: Dance, Therapy, and Transformation” (2 hours each) guided by both Illan and Damien. • 3 Individual Humanistic Therapy Sessions (1h each) with Damien. + You’ll also receive an ebook to support you through this profound journey of self-discovery. ——————————————————————————— Join Us in Your Journey We are both prepared to accompany you on your personal life movement journey, bringing healing clarity and inspiration to facilitate your self-realization. ——————————————————————————— MORE INFO : We want to provide the best care and we want to be able to interact with you. This is why we’ve decided to open this program for 15 persons maximum. The sessions will be recorded, so you can dive into the process whenever you like. We obviously prefer to meet you online, since we need to follow your personal progression and stay in contact with your transformative process in the most direct way possible. This program is made for sensitive humans, movement lovers, spiritual dancers…. All ages, all background welcome. EveryBODY . Once you book your spot for the online program, we will contact you to schedule your individual sessions with Damien. (Note that the investment for this online program is not refundable.) For any further questions, feel free to contact us at : ♾love I&D .

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