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All these movements are connected to the NEO Movement cards I'm currently working on. I catch them all from my intuitive dance improvisations, recognising the movement reflexes I have, as a new body language to be able to communicate with you the way I feel the energy of the movement.

Each video gives you a movement pattern to explore with concepts, and will permit you to approach movement from different angles, playing with the dynamics, the speeds, the space, with your own flow and actual state of presence. I really encourage you to experience it following your feelings and sensations, into a personal dance improvisation. You can also play forward, building a fluid sequence, putting patterns together and finding logical and soft transitions in between, to appreciate a continuous flow in motion. Please enjoy each video catching the movements and concepts, to explore freely and nourish your dance with new perspectives. 

Ill keep posting new movement videos and soon I'll propose online classes decompose and take more time with you to go into movement breakdown for each of these movement patterns ! 

Make it yours!


Illan Rivière

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