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Retreat / Dance method / phase one 

Sensitivity awareness
Organic Movement
The Body

The first phase of this method starts from feeling and following movement, to open our senses, cultivate awareness, connect with the organic movement inside of us and surrounding us, feeling the here and now while dancing. 




+ verticality and gravity / anchor / agility / inner sensations / cyclic movements / awareness / instinct / give and receive 


+ fluidity / speeds / density / unending paths / inside and outside / liquid movement / waves and undulations 


+ failures / lines and angles / rigidity / contortions and distortions / locks / straightness / instability / vulnerability / resistance / collapses 


+ pull and push / breath / taste of freedom / lightness / timeless movement / amplitude / trust and let it go

"Illan Rivière"


Illan Rivière

Movement artist / Philosopher

Through his auto-didactic nature, Illan has been extensively researching ways approach and connect with the creativity and to sens movement at is organic and energetic origin, into a more expensive somatic understanding and training method (for dancers, movement practitioners and anyone seeking a path towards reconnecting with their body.)



For all body types and background, for lovers of nature, anyone wishing to get in touch with the body, opening new paths and new perceptions of movement.

For all movers wanting to find a sensorial and mindfull approach to the art of movement. For creative beings and sensitive humans. For dancer and dance students, for movement lovers. ONE MOVEMENT method provide a diversity of tools and experiences which can be integrated into creative process and daily life.

One Movement Method

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