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NEO patterns
Online movement program


This program is open to reunite movement lovers, devoted dancers, all style and levels welcomed. It is constructed in 3 waves, 3 months per wave, 10 online sessions each , for a total lof 30 sessions when you participate to the full flow, 9 months movement adventure. We connect, play, evolve and enjoy together a same routine of movement practice, in a welcoming, adaptable, joyful, online space. During this online program, you’ll be part of the creative process of the Neo movement cards I’m currently working on. It is a movement material for improvisations, explorations and can be use for dance composition. I’ve been experiencing magical momentum of synchronicity with these movement cards. And I would love you to experience it with me and also enriching your movement language to open new trajectories and possibilities, nourishing your own dance vocabulary. Theses cards are designed to answer frequently asked questions like : "How do you move this way ? What is the technique of this or this move? How do you train for your dance?". After years without clear answers, because I was feeling that it was going beyond just a technique or a training, I finally found a way to capture the essentials, as well as an approach that was honest enough with the sensation I’m carrying on wile I’m moving. "I want you to be able to experience the way I feel when I’m moving / dancing." That is why; Each cards are made for an infinite journey of movement and can be executed in loop to tap into the infinite possibilities of qualities, textures, and dynamics… They’re made to understand movement from an energetic approach and to develop a very fluid motion quality. Elastics, the patterns can be executed in infinite different ways, there is a multitude of shades to be found and experienced, simply listening to the quality and availability of your body energy. Playing with concepts of space and shifting the focus, we can explore the full potential of each movement cards. For example, by contracting or releasing the movement energy, we can experience a totally different sensation and observe a large variety in how the motion itself appears, until we found enough keys of understanding to be able to fully master the Shapeshifting energy of the movement, letting the flow guide us. Floating continuously, flowing eternally, sinuously waving, spiraling, awakening a sense of softness and power balanced together. This program will permit to this NEO movement cards project to go forward and it will help me to figure out the best way to push it to it’s full potential, and it will give you an elastic, adaptable and open material to play with, exploring thoughts each movement patterns as a extension of your own dance expression. It will permit you to develop a very organic, sensitive, and energetic way of sensing the motion unfolding itself through your body and bringing new perspective to your dance journey. We will open our perceptions and enjoy the hypnotic quality these movement are made of. During each online sessions we will connect to our energetic field, learn the trajectories of 2 or 3 movements patterns and extend their potential through explorations, moving meditation, exploring through space and time, textures and qualities, so you can embody them at your own pace in your own way. The idea is to develop a full awareness while moving to strengthen, polish and bring clarity to your own movement within a seamless, limitless, pure, free and personal expression. It will help you to connect to your authentic creative power, to listen to your own way of sensing and articulating movement. Letting the magic of movement flow through your body.

select wave 1, 2 or 3 and jump in the flow

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


- With | Illan Rivière


- When | on Wednesdays


1st Wave


OCT / 05, 19, 26

NOV / 02, 09, 16, 23, 30

DEC / 07, 14


2nd Wave


JAN / 11, 18, 25

FEB / 01, 08, 15, 22

MAR / 01, 08, 15


3rd Wave


APR / 05, 12, 19, 26

MAY / 03, 17, 24, 31

JUN / 07, 14


- Where | From your home / Zoom session


- Time | 18h (CET), Spain Time.


- Duration |  1h


- Language | Simple english and body language.



- Suitable for small space 

- Welcoming all levels / no dance background required

- Recordings will be sent to all the registered participants,

and available to catch and watch during a year !

Illan Rivière

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