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The NEO dance intensive has been designed to share my own version of the Neo Fusion dance style.


Neo Fusion is a new genre of dance, a term coined for dancers who exercise multiple styles, or have received multi-disciplinary training and do not conform to any one genre of dance or music when creating.


It is for those who purposefully cross boundaries and respectfully refuse to do things any one way.


In this intensive, you will discover and become familiarized with my method of movement, activating your body’s awareness and awakening new senses and reflexes, discovering new patterns and movement paths, and playing with new perspectives and tools.


By following these explorations, we will nourish our dance vocabulary with super fluid sequences specially made for an infinite journey of movement. We will work on the technique aspect and enhance the organic nature of movement quality. We will play with sequences and ephemeral choreography developed in the moment to enjoy self-expression and many different sensations.


Never lose the playful dance soul within you. 


With openness, availability, and love for movement.

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Illan Rivière

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