dance intensive


The NEO dance intensive lead by Illan Rivière has been designed to share the Neo Tribal Fusion style, a contemporary perception of Tribal Fusion movement. 

In this intensive, you will discover and become familiarized with this method of movement, starting with body conditioning specific for this dance style, activating your body’s awareness and awakening new senses and reflexes. 

By following these explorations, we will nourish our dance vocabulary with "Floating Combos" specially made for an infinite journey of movement, work on the technique aspect to open new movement paths, and learn dance sequences and ephemeral choreography developed in the moment.

3 DAYS / 20H

REUS, Spain

Every days of the NEO intensives will be composed with :

Warm up / Body conditioning /

Neo Tribal Fusion / Technique /

Floating combos / Exercices /

Explorations / Following /

Sequences / choreography /

Movements / Stretching /

Meditation / Mindfulness 


DAY 1 / 7H




DAY 2 / 7H




DAY 3 / 6H




Next Intensive

"We are opening two intensives dates in 2020 !"

NEO 1 / March 20-21-22 / 2020


NEO 2 / September 4-5-6 / 2020

Illan Rivière

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