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MODERN CLOUDS Project is an open opportunity for those eager to participate in the creation process of a dance piece.


Every year Illan Rivière builds dance compositions with his students from around the world who attend his monthly classes in France and Spain. These monthly meetings give him the opportunity to share his vision and dance approach, as well as to integrate his many influences and focus on a specific topic or idea. Each time the approach is different and evolves according to the present inspiration and the energy of the group attending the classes.


This is an open-level dance project that is perfect for any movement lovers and all dancers or dance students who would like to fully experience the creative process and further develop their dance skills.


By participating in the MODERN CLOUDS choreography project you will acquire new skills for technique and interpretation, familiarize yourself with the creative process of building a dance piece from beginning to end, and learn to embody a specific topic in order to share a vision, a message, an emotion and various sensations.

Experimentations / Explorations / Exercises / Improvisations / Sequences / Technique / Creative Process / Choreography / Sharing

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