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Inspired by the different aspects of the ONE MOVEMENT METHOD, the ~Flow~ sessions lead by Illan Rivière have been created to connect various explorations through movement and to learn more about the Neo Fusion style.


The two 3 hour workshops in each ~Flow~ session could be taken separately, although doing the 6 hours is highly recommended for maximum effectiveness for the body and in order to truly reap the benefits of the total ~Flow~ experience.

Program & Topics


One Movement Body Conditioning

Explorations / Experimentation

This workshop starts with the “One Movement Lab”, 3 hours which include One Movement body conditioning to wake up the body and introduce it to the movement while preparing for dancing with full body awareness. This is followed by dance explorations, experiences and exercises, each time offered and guided in a different way, and always flowing with the energy of the day.


This workshop is totally open to all dancers or movement lovers for a full, pure, creative and nourishing dance experience.



Technique / Floating Combos

Ephemeral Choreography

During the 3 hour Neo Fusion workshop you will be able to discover, internalize and viscerally feel this way of moving through the “Floating Combos” technique specially made for an infinite journey of movement. We will work on fluidity, transitions, body flexibility, anchoring, undulations, sensations, breathing, waves, changes, the spine, spirals and more. We will also learn an ephemeral choreography created in the moment, or an extract from the Neo Fusion repertoire created by Illan Rivière.


This workshop is an excellent way to challenge and nourish your dance vocabulary while learning new skills that could be incorporated into dance improvisation or applied to choreography.

Next workshops

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