movement laboratory


The ~FLOW LAB ~ virtual dance sessions have been created to connect various explorations and to learn more about the body capacities and his limitless potential to play with movement.

This is a great opportunity for you to discover and highlight new perceptions to feed the body with. Nourishing your personal dance path with a sensorial and creative approach to the movement. developing new skill and using new tools to enhance the potential of your body in motion, understanding his interaction with the mind and imagination, feeling new dynamics influencing and moving your soul.

I'll record each classes and send the link to all the participants who booked it,

so this means you can book the class and even if you missed it you'll receive the link to the recording, right after the class.

So, go ahead and join the Flow !

The FLOW LAB are totally open to all dancers or movement lovers for a full, pure, creative and nourishing dance experience.


In this same page you'll find the LIVE FLOW REPLAY, a series of 10 virtual classes now available to rent, so you can play with movement at your own pace anytime you want and repeat the experience when you feel it.

Thank you again for your virtual presence.


With love and openness,



Here is a series of 10 Movement Laboratory virtual classes for you to explore and experiment. These classes are totally open level since it's about exploring and experiencing movement with concepts to bring new textures in your dance.

book your spot to participate to the LIVE

or to receive the RECORDINGS.

  • 20 euros

11AM-1PM (CET)

JAN / 16, 30

FEB / 13, 27

MAR / 13, 27

APR / 10, 24

MAY / 8, 22

If you want to participate to all of them or receive all the recordings,

you can reserve the full series of 10 classes (20H in total, for 200€).

To do so, contact me at info@illanriviere.com / and your spot will be saved for all the classes.