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The FLASH CLASS are made to open the gate to dance and movement for everyone interested in to try! It's very easy to jump in, they will be spontaneously proposed, can be anytime, with many different random topics to explore like:

"Movement sequences, movement explorations, technique skills and tools, meditative movement, neo fusion, laboratory, one movement method .... and so much more blooming in my mind"

Get ready to open new perceptions about movement, and nourish your dance path with unique experiences, in a very welcoming and positive environment, where we will play with movement patterns and different qualities with the body.

Everyone is welcome to these online flash dance sessions,

it is totally open level, very accessible and perfect to all kind of movement lovers. 


The classes are on donation base

Starting at 5€ to jump in,

then you can donate clicking on the link below. 

"Thanks for your support"

(Booking the class you'll automatically receive a zoom link to join the live and/or receive the recording)

So, if you want to discover more about my visions and enjoy movements and dance energy ...

These classes are made for you!


(LIVE or Recording)

Jan 23

(18h utc+1)

Illan Rivière

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