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The Discovery dance classes are made to open new perceptions about movement, and nourish your dance path with unique experiences, in a very welcoming and positive environment.

If you want to discover more about Neo Fusion and enjoy movements and dance energy ...

These classes are made for you!

Program & Topics




After preparing the body and introducing the movement to it, we'll work on Neo Fusion technic, taking influences from, Fusion bellydance, contemporary dance, urban fusion, and much more as dance and movement evolve...

we will work on fluidity, transitions, flexibility, anchoring, ondulations, sensations, breathing, waves, changes, dynamics, the spine, spirals ... We'll learn specific movement from this dance style and play with it with fluid dance sequences.

This class is an excellent way to challenge and nourish your dance vocabulary and to learn new skills from Neo Fusion style.

every class will be different following the flow of the day and the energy and needs of the group to be able to go together in somewhere unknown every time and discover new lands of dance. 




Body awakening / conditioning to movement

Neo fusion / urban flavour

Neo Fusion style / Floating combos, phrase work

Neo fusion / fusion bellydance

Meditative Movement / Soft Motions

Explorations / Improvisations

... and much more to discover together ...

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The classes will take place every Tuesday from 19H to 21h at MAS MOGWAIZ, a creative space surrounded by nature.

If you pass by Spain, next Barcelona / Tarragona/ Reus/ or around there and want to try a class, feel free to contact us, so we can guide you to cross the mountains and forests !

You can drop in and join us for the classes anytime you want.

The 2h class is 10€ + (optional) donation for MAS MOGWAÏZ project.

contact us


or thought WhatsApp: 657271218

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